The Connection Between Weight Management + Sleep: What You Need To Know

All of your questions answered

When it comes to healthy habits, everyone knows that getting a good night’s rest is an important part of the equation. What many don’t realize, however, is that your sleep schedule can also play a role in weight loss.

The truth is that even the healthiest diet and fitness routine may not be fully effective if the body isn’t able to get proper rest. Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions and fascinating facts, about the link between sleep and your weight.

Question: Does sleep really affect weight loss?

Answer: Researchers say yes! According to The Sleep Foundation, science is finding more and more evidence that there is a positive correlation between getting enough sleep and maintaining healthy body weight. This is because getting adequate sleep has been proven helpful for boosting not only boosting metabolism but also decreasing appetite. The even better news is that more rest and recovery time can improve athletic performance, meaning workouts are more impactful when performed after a good night’s sleep.

Question: Can lack of sleep cause overeating?

Answer: Yes and no. In recent years, more evidence suggests that lack of sleep can contribute to imbalances in your hunger hormones, scrambling the body’s natural hunger cues and leading to an increased appetite. Additionally, studies say that when you are tired, you’re more likely to make compromised choices and eat foods that are less nutrient-dense.

Question: So how much sleep is enough and is there such a thing as too much?

Answer: While everyone’s needs will be a little bit different, and fluctuate from time to time, a good general goal is to get eight hours of sleep per night. Research suggests that sleeping more than nine hours can potentially have risks for causing calcium buildup in the arteries. However, anything less than seven hours can be damaging to overall health and well-being. By striving for seven or eight hours nightly, you’ll be on the perfect track.

Question: What natural products can help me sleep?

Answer: If you struggle to fall asleep or suffer from insomnia, you may benefit from supplementing with natural sleep aids. Sleep enhancers like magnesium, chamomile, and valerian root have been proven for promoting deep rest. For a holistic formula with everything you need, Hush & Hush’s MindYourMind features all of these ingredients and more, in one synergistic complex for reducing stress, soothing the mind, and sleeping through the night.

Question: What are the other benefits of getting enough rest?

 Answer: If you’re happy with your weight, but still think you need more rest, you’re probably not wrong. The benefits of sleep are almost too numerous to name, but a few of the biggest benefits include improved cognitive function, better moods, steady blood sugar, and blood pressure levels, as well as improved physical performance and stamina. In other words, we could all benefit from catching a few more zzzzzs.