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7 WAYS TO ENGAGE IN SELF-LOVE THIS VALENTINE’S DAY What better time to treat you to a little something special? In the month of candy hearts and teddy bears, one can tend to think about the romantic partner in one’s life. But if you ask us, there is someone else …

Live Well

3 Natural Ways to Boost Immunity This Winter

3 NATURAL WAYS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY THIS WINTER Because safeguarding your physical wellness is more important than ever In the past several years, many of us have been made more aware of the value our immune strength brings. In the winter, this is especially relevant, as our bodies are …

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Take your scalp to the spa: Treatments and Tips

TAKE YOUR SCALP TO THE SPA: TREATMENTS AND TIPS During dry weather it is never more important to spoil your scalp! For many of us, a focus on hair health involves worrying about the quality of our locks. But we should also be concerned for the wellness of our scalp. …

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The power of pumpkin for skincare, haircare and more

The power of Pumpkin for skincare, haircare and more This fruit (yes, it isn’t a veggie!) is good for more than PSL’s and carving. Most of us consider pumpkin to be one of the best things about fall. We love it in our seasonal coffees, the desserts we gather over, …


Pumpkin Pops

Pumpkin Pops Guilt-free treats for halloween? Yes please! Guilt-free treats for Halloween? Yes, Please! We can’t get over how cut these Halloween-inspired “Pumpkin Pops” are! These fun treats are vegan, delicious, protein-packed, and easy to make. This recipe will ensure you’re the most creative guest at your upcoming Halloween parties. …

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30 days to better skin

30 days to better skin: How to improve your complexion in one month Looking to change your skin for the better? While most skincare requires consistency, the good news is that with a little dedication, changes can start to appear as the skin completes each regular turnover cycle. On average, …


St. Patrick’s Inspired Hush Cakes

St. Patty Hush Cakes


Red velvet cookies for your vegan valentine


Peppermint Hot Chocolate


Holiday Mug Cake (Vegan + Protein)

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