3 Natural Ways to Boost Immunity This Winter


Because safeguarding your physical wellness is more important than ever

In the past several years, many of us have been made more aware of the value our immune strength brings. In the winter, this is especially relevant, as our bodies are less adept at fighting viruses when breathing cold air. So, what can you do? Well, there are plenty of practices that can help you avoid exposure to illnesses. But for most of us, some contact with germs is a part of life. The real trick, if you ask us, is to boost your immunity to such an extent that your body can better ward sickness off when it is exposed. Luckily for you, we’re sharing our top tips to boost your immunity this winter … just keep reading! 


We know … it’s the holiday season! Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Soyal, winter is overflowing with the festivities that mean the most to us. And many of them come with delectable culinary traditions. We are definitely not suggesting that you forego any of it. This is a time to dig in and enjoy! 

However, during the weeks leading up to and after the excitement, consider your nutrition carefully. It can be tempting to eat cookies and pastries and other goodies all season long. But did you know that sugar intake actually suppresses your immune system? To clarify, we’re talking about man-made sugars—of which there are many in processed foods that aren’t even sweet, by the way! 

The solution here is, thankfully, quite simple. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet during the wintertime. You will markedly boost your immunity by doing this alone. 

If you want some ideas for how to incorporate good immunity-friendly foods into meals, we love this article from BBC Good Food! 

While we’re on the subject of nutrition, supplements can also be a wintertime immunity boon!

In addition to adding great ingredients into your meals and snacks, add a supplement into your routine. We’d like to humbly suggest our ShieldUp™ clean clinical vitamin, which supports healthy immune response and promotes maximum defense levels. Vitamin C does the immune work, while maca root and organic turmeric safely boost energy levels. 

If you want to up the ante even more, consider mixing PlantYourDay® into some protein shakes for a quick and nutritious game changer.


The most obvious tip here would be to keep your home warm, since cold air challenges your immune system. But there are also other ways you can improve your indoor space to boost your immunity in winter. 

First, get yourself a great humidifier. 
We also mentioned this in our blog post about haircare for dry weather! In that context, we were talking about how humidity prevents breakage. Today, let’s touch on one other benefit of proper humidity levels: keeping healthy! Breathing dry air regularly can irritate your respiratory system. Some clinical evidence even suggests it may increase your risk of getting the flu, colds, and pneumonia. 

Second, invest in an air purifier. 
You’ve just gotten home from some seasonal shopping or a festive gathering. Now imagine how great it would be to know that you are entering a super-clean environment. According to the EPA, “when used properly, air cleaners and HVAC filters can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a building or small space.” Chemical & Engineering News has a great articlediscussing the air purifiers that claim to be able to eliminate particles from viruses like COVID-19 and others. 

Third, become a plant parent. 
Various studies, some by the likes of NASA, have proven that plants are powerhouses for improving air quality! They don’t only bring you extra oxygen. Plants can also remove harmful gases, such as formaldehyde.


Of all the tips we’re mentioning today, this could be the most difficult to implement. 

Unless you already have a set workout routine, making more time for exercise can be especially challenging during winter. It’s cold, so you just want to stay in bed in the mornings. Events and festivities are at an all-time high, making your schedule more chaotic than usual. And depending on where you live, outdoor activities like biking or hiking are unbearable because of the cold. 

Nonetheless, winter also happens to be the time when you should most prioritize this aspect of wellness. Because it will boost your immunity

Those good endorphins that come with exercise also help regulate stress response. And that is key to staying healthy throughout winter. Because, you guessed it, stress can also have a negative impact on immune response

When you combine exercise with a pretty good diet and helpers like our ShieldUp™ formula, which has Rhodiola rosea root as an adaptogen to reduce stress, you can create a nearly perfect system of stress management.

The Path to Boost Your Immunity Doesn’t Need to be Complex


Sometimes, the simplest way of doing things is truly the best. While protecting yourself and your family from wintertime illness might seem daunting on top of everything else, the classics will pull through for you. In summary, here is our advice: 


  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Supplement with formulas like ShieldUp™ and PlantYourDay®.
  • Invest in a humidifier, air purifier, and more plants for the home. 
  • Exercise regularly. 
  • Manage stress. 


We hope these tips keep you healthy and happy all season long! Because there are too many exciting happenings this time of year to be laid up in bed. 

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