Beauty Rest Report

The Perks of Getting your Zs + Three Ingredients for Better Sleep.

We all know sleep is important. If you’ve ever experienced insomnia or even just a long night, you’ve likely noticed the after-effects of poor sleep. Experts agree that getting your full eight hours is key to optimal health and wellness and yet, due to hectic schedules and other daily stress, many people struggle to get adequate beauty rest.

If you’ve been skimping on sleep, you’re not alone. However, if you need some motivation for getting back on track, here’s a little reminder on some of the big benefits.


The Benefits of Getting Your Beauty Rest


  • Improved Health & Immunity – Because sleep is your body’s time to reset and rebalance, a plethora of important processes are dependent on your sleep cycle in order to recharge. Getting enough sleep has been linked to lowered levels of inflammation, lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and steadier blood sugar. Additionally, experts say sleep improves athletic ability, meaning you perform better and your muscles are able to better repair when you are well-rested.


  • Better Brain Function – Like the rest of your body, your brain needs downtime too. Sleep is when the brain is able to get some much-needed reboot time and without it, cognitive abilities suffer. Your brain on sleep is better able to concentrate, learn, and create memories. Studies say it can even improve problem-solving skills and productivity in adults and children.


  • Mood-Boosting In addition to the practical brain-boosting properties of sleep, experts say adequate rest also has an impact on your mood. With proper time to recover during sleep, the brain is better able to process emotions, and better equipped to deal with challenging interactions. The even better news? Studies have linked better sleep with improving rates of depression and increasing daily motivation.


Key Ingredients For Your Best Sleep Ever


Feeling sleep-deprived? Hush & Hush’s MindYourMind was created to supplement sweet dreams and a good night’s rest, every single night. This special formula is boosted with some incredible ingredients for promoting relaxation and supporting deep, uninterrupted shut-eye.


  • Magnesium For relaxing your body and mind, magnesium is a natural mineral supplement with many sleep-improving perks. It is known to reduce muscle tension, fight inflammation, and lower blood pressure. It can even improve energy levels the next day, following rest.


  • Vitamin C Antioxidant and immunity-boosting, vitamin C is beloved for its ability to support tissue repair and collagen synthesis – two processes at play while the body is at rest. A little C at bedtime is a great holistic addition to enhance your beauty benefits overnight.


  • Valerian Root – For centuries, valerian root has been used to improve sleep as it is a natural herbal sedative. Its organic compounds have been shown to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of calm and tranquility.


Bonus Tip: MindYourMind pairs perfectly with Hush&Hush’s Sleep Mask. With silk soft straps that protect your hair and skin, it makes for a lovely way to treat tired eyes and unwind at the end of a long day.