Biotin Myths vs. Facts

We're breaking down what you need to know about ingredients for better hair health

If you’re concerned about hair growth, chances are good that you’ve heard a lot about biotin. It can be found in everything from hair serums and shampoos to nutritional supplements and is often touted as the golden ticket to stronger, shinier, and healthier hair.

But what exactly is biotin? And does it really work? Here’s what you need to know:


Fact: Biotin is a natural vitamin

Commonly listed as Vitamin B7, biotin is a member of the B Vitamin family. B vitamins are vitamins that help the body metabolize other nutrients, including fats and proteins, in order to produce energy. Biotin is found in many foods including eggs, almonds, avocados, seafood, sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli. It is also produced naturally by the healthy bacteria found in the gut microbiome.


Myth: Biotin will solve all your hair woes

While it’s clear that biotin has its benefits, the truth is that biotin is only one piece of the puzzle for nourishing your hair. Studies show that while biotin supplements can help support hair growth in cases of vitamin deficiency, only a small amount of Vitamin B7 is needed. Many people likely aren’t lacking biotin but rather other important nutrients and minerals essential for supporting hair growth.


Fact: Biotin does play an important role in hair health

So, what does biotin do and why do you need it? As it turns out, experts say biotin is an essential nutrient for supporting the production of keratin. Biotin helps maintain healthy-looking hair and nails, helping to prevent imbalances that can lead to dullness and brittleness. Research shows that taking biotin alongside other proven holistic ingredients can boost hair growth, thickness, smooth texture, and shine.


Myth: Taking a biotin supplement = instant results

If you’ve been thinking about adding biotin to your haircare, it’s important to know that not all available forms are equally effective for addressing hair health. Experts recommend oral supplements over topical products that feature biotin as an ingredient and say it can take a few months of consistent use before you begin to see big changes. It’s also worth noting that hair growth is influenced by a number of things in addition to nutrition, including your body’s metabolism, stress levels, hormones, and other lifestyle factors.


Fact: Hair needs a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for optimal health

While there’s no denying biotin can be a great support for your hair’s nutritional needs, there are many other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are necessary to create happy healthy hair.


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