4 Causes of Hair Damage (and how to stop it)

Let’s be real: no one wants hair breakage.

But whether you recently got a blowout or colored your hair, you probably have some breakage. Hair damage is actually more common than you realize as the culprit is often everyday occurrences.

The good news is, there are remedies! When it comes to dealing with damage and breakage, you need to learn what causes the breakage. By doing this, you can make small, easy changes to your routine and “rehab” your hair from brittle and broken to healthy and nourished.

What are some causes of hair breakage and damage?

1. Excessive Heat Styling
One of damaged hair’s biggest culprits? Frequent heat styling! Especially now with all of the latest and greatest styling tools available from blow-dry brushes, curling wands, and flat irons, it can be tempting to put heat on your hair every day but this can lead you to fry your hair to a frizzy crisp!

2. Chemical Processing
If you’ve colored your hair before, you know what we’re talking about. It’s a challenge to keep your hair healthy and strong when you are adding chemicals to it. Over-processed hair is directly tied to breakage. Did we mention that, gone untreated, can lead to drastic healing measures: a major chop!

3. Missing Regular Haircuts
Can’t remember the last time you’ve been in for a haircut? Then maybe it’s time to schedule one! Regular trims are necessary for achieving healthy hair. Some people have their hair color-treated and think they don’t need to go back to the salon for several months, but in reality, most people need a trim every six to eight weeks.

4. Towel-Drying Your Hair After The Shower
We get it, not many people like to deal with wet hair after the shower, but harshly drying or tying up your hair in your standard bath towel can create tangles, frizz, and breakage. Switch to a microfiber towel for an efficient way to dry your hair and simply blot your hair instead of rub to minimize damage!

How to fix hair breakage and damage?

1. Schedule a Haircut or Trim
Getting a haircut is the fastest way to immediately reduce breakage. You can schedule a simple trim that will get rid of any dead ends and breakage. Set yourself up for success by scheduling your next appointment while you are already still at the salon. Unsure when to book? Ask your stylist – they will let you know how much time should pass between trims based on your hair type.

2. Lower the Heat
While it might be hard at first, try reducing the usage of your hot tools to one or two days a week. Instead, you can opt for some no heat-required styles. On the days that you do use heat, just be sure to use a heat protector to minimize damage. Don’t forget to read the instructions included with your styling tools and follow the heat and timing protocols.

3. Invest in a High-Quality Hair Supplement
Focus on treating your hair from the inside out. Look for supplements with high-quality formulas, like Hush & Hush DeeplyRooted hair growth supplement, which contains powerful natural agents like biotin, ashwagandha, pumpkin seed oil to promote healthy hair.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Professional Help
If you’re at the point where your hair breaks by simply brushing through it, then it’s time to see a professional. If you’re looking for a new stylist, ask friends and family for recommendations, read reviews, and browse their Instagram before booking your appointment. Everyone’s hair is different, so you want to make sure you find a stylist who is familiar with your hair type. Then, they will guide you through the process of growing and taking care of healthy hair!